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Laith Ihab Suhail Abdulhadi

Laith Ihab Suhail Abdulhadi


Laith Abdulhadi is the Head of Human Resources Development at one of the Leading Banks in Jordan, with experience in various aspects of Human Resources including Talent Management, Performance Management, Development and Recruiting.
Abdulhadi also is the President of the Human Resources Scientific Committee at Jordan HR Association and a freelance Trainer in Technical, Personal and Behavioral Skills and a Human Resources and Management Consultant.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in 2012 from Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) and gained a several International Professional Certificates in Human Resources, Training and Management.

Since school days he believed in exemplifying the ideal of living for the benefit of others so he participated in community volunteering projects and attended UNICEF conferences that focuses on family violence and women’s rights, after graduating and started his career in Human Resources field, he started to volunteer with the NGOs as a Programs Trainer and as a Evaluator at the students Pioneer Projects Competitions in order to empower youth and prepare them to the work environment.

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