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Kehiry Segura

Kehiry Segura


She Recognized by the Ombudsman’s Office, as a prominent woman of Panama for her career and her invaluable contribution to society in the framework of the International Day for the Rights of Women.
Recognized as outstanding young of Panama, by the International Junior Chamber in the category: Contribution to children, world peace or human rights.

Representative of Panama for the Regional Consultation, Youth, Peace and Security: Voices of youth in Latin America and the Caribbean by resolution 2250 of the Security Council of the United Nations that requires mechanisms that allow young people to participate meaningfully in the peace processes.

Selected among 275 young people in Ibero-America for the ODS operation of the 2030 agenda of sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Also selected at the Ibero-American level for the second forum of Young Leaders of the Southern Cone and the World Summit on Public Policies.
Singer of formation that at the moment works using the music for the social transformation, being Consultant of musical education and choral direction for the program of United Nations for the Development like part of the Network of Orchestras and Youthful Choirs of Panama.

He works in the province of Colon in the new residential Altos de los Lagos with children and adolescents at social risk. He works on the creation of the first children’s cantoria of the province of Colón.

The main purpose is to achieve a change in their lives, through the imparting of values ​​through music education, using music as a form of social prevention.

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