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Joyce wacuka stephen

Joyce wacuka stephen


Wacuka is a certified life coach based in Kenya. I am involved in coaching kids, teens and young adults. My role as a life coach Is to help my clients create a clear vision of their life and design strategies on how to achieve their goals. These is done by guiding them through a number of processes that involve self-awareness evaluation, goal setting and communication empowerment skills and designing of workable life plan’s that suits their specific needs. I act as the extra ‘push’they need to remain focused so as to be successful in their areas of interest. I am passionate about mentor-ship, national development and capacity building of teens and young adults. I am greatly concerned too, with issues related HIV and Aid’s. This is because I personally grew without proper guidance and exposure and became a victim of circumstances. I became a mother at a very early age and life wasn’t easy at all. Today I am proud mother of two, and even though I was ‘affected’ by HIV severely and was unfairly stigmatized, that experience drives me to hold hands and walk through with young adults ,infected or affected by HIV. I love to help people change their mindsets because I am a strong believer in the ‘potential power’ of the people. .

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