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José Juan

José Juan


Ever since he was a child, José Juan has always been interested in learning about other cultures. His early education on a bilingual international school provided him with language skills and he soon started travelling and doing volunteering. He currently studies two Bachelors: Law & International Relations, in Sevilla, Spain. He has been participating in various simulations of United Nations (MUN), being appointed Best Delegate in the last one. He cooperates with a local association which has given him the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Programs -among other experiences- in countries such as Slovakia, regarding Critical Thinking and Media, and in Turkey, being its main theme Refugees and Islamophobia. His instinctive impulse of learning new languages and discovering other realities led him to a 6 months Academic Exchange in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He also had the chance of having a first-hand experience at the European Court of Justice and he attended a Summer Seminar about the European Union, Globalisation,
the 4th Industrial Revolution and its challenges. All in all, José Juan is a learning-driven citizen of the world; a supporter of diversity as an incredible source of richness.

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