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John Keen

John Keen


John Keen (stage name) his real name is Juan Keen. Argentine, Orchestra Director, Choir Director, Pianist, Music Educator, Ontological Coach with Neurolinguistic Programming certified by the Argentine Association of Coaching Professionals and Therapist T.I.C. Cerebral Integration Technique specialized in stage panic and oratory fear.
Bruno Gelber, Ligia Amadio (Conductor of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and one of the three most prestigious Conductors in the world), were his teachers. He continued his studies in Orchestral Conducting with Maestro Guillermo Scarabino, in the province of Buenos Aires.
Today, after more than fifteen years of uninterrupted humanitarian and solidarity work ad honorem, both in the training of musicians as well as choirs and instrumental ensembles, he maintains his activity as the Founding President, Musical Artistic Director, Choir Director and Orchestra of the non-profit civil association “Amadeus Arte Solidario y Comunitario. In it, he guides all his professional activity towards cultural development, integration and social inclusion, as well as social values ​​on the basis of solidarity and community work. He is the creator of the municipal ordinance project and the Provincial Law of the “Solidarity Bank for Musical Instruments in the city of Neuquén. Neighbor Outstanding for his contribution to Culture, Art and education. In December 2018 he was named “Member of honor” of the United Nations of all the Arts International Art Council and on the other hand. In July 2019, he was distinguished as “Ambassador of Peace in Argentina” by INSPAD Institute the Peace and Development (Organization nucleated with the United Nations and the European Union) .He was also named “Humanitarian Ambassador” by the GGA Global Goodwill Ambassador. Later in 2019 he is nominated before The Norwegian Nobel Institute for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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