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Jesse Ramcharan

Jesse Ramcharan


Jesse Ramcharan is a professional in the field of ICT and an entrepreneur. He received his BSc with first-class honors from the University of Hertfordshire and is completing an MBA with a specialization in digital technology management. After working eight years in the energy sector particularly the oil and gas industry, he decided to break the cycle and transition thus two companies emerged. One as an IT consultancy and the other which is Renewable-Energy based and solar-powered focused. In 2018 Jesse received a scholarship to attend and be part of an ITEC capacity building program for Sustainable Development Goals hosted by the government of India where he participated with other diplomats and learned from the think tanks there. As a result, he has contributed to and submitted research papers on technology and renewable energy. Since then he has been passionate about achieving the SDGs and living in an era where renewable energy is the driving force of today’s world. He has dedicated time and effort working on Goals #4-Quality Education, #7-Affordable and Clean Energy and #13-Climate Action. In 2019 he worked with the Civil Affairs team at the US Embassy based in Trinidad as they coordinated the site visit of the USNS Hospital Ship – COMFORT to the island. Jesse then volunteered his time and resources at one of the medical sites to ensure that the recent influx of migrants/refugees from Venezuela who came because of their economic and humanitarian crisis, were given an opportunity to access health care services offered by the US. He continues to work with the UNHCR along with NGOs for migrant response and networks himself with global agencies on SDG policy and implementation. Jesse lives on the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, home to about 1.3 million persons. He loves traveling and enjoys playing the piano and singing. One day in the not too distant future he aspires to attain a Bachelor of Law degree – LLB. His hope is that with all of his experiences thus far and as he continues, he would be able to effect change and unite persons by achieving the goals of the SDGs thus ensuring that PEACE is the only solution to a world we can all live in.

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