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Jeannette Tambwe

Jeannette Tambwe

DR Congo

Jeannette Tambwe, Born November 9, 1991, is a passionate Activist and blogger in these spare hours.
At 10 she was already an active member within the “World animal protection” (WSPA) where she represented her country in these different forums on the respect of the animal heritage of the DR Congo including the okapi and the bonobos, she won the peace poem competition organized by her school and declaimed it to the Ambassador also organizer of the competition.
In 2013 she joined the New Possible foundation (FNP) where she worked as communication manager, she exercised what she did informally helping the weakest, the association took care of orphans, she directed numerous projects and the most significant for her was “1 hour for a Child” a project which aimed to give voluntary lessons to orphaned children with difficulty understanding for an hour beyond directing the project she also gives lessons and binds of a strong friendship with the children even becoming their favorite teacher,
She initiated several calls for donations in favor of the association which will benefit from organizing many other activities such as the ‘cinemagik’ which is the screening of films for children in pediatric centers to cheer up the hospitalized, she does not hesitate to share even during the holidays to share it with the most disadvantaged, she also organized a Christmas lunch with her friends and associates in an orphanage in her city. To date, she is also ambassador of the magazine “La Fille du Congo” which promotes the Congolese girl in order to enhance her beauty and intelligence as well as her contribution to society. And she is also the founder of the project “Bou’Dine” which offers a directory of baby recipes with local products and rather she will provide enriched porridge made locally at a lower cost to help Congolese moms, Her motto is “MA LIFE IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS ”, because you cannot pretend to love someone without being able to reach out to them when necessary.
She has always given a lot of joy around her and her loved ones always calls her “JOY ball”, and joy is the sister of peace!

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