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I am currently a final year undergraduate student specializes in biomedical science .Being raised in a permissive parenting style, I am an honest and confident girl who is always willing to help others and adjust the society in its best way. During my study period, I got an opportunity to visit 3 different international conferences to different countries and won awards regarding speech on human right violations, discrimination and women empowerment. It was the first platform I came to know about the real situation of people, world, problems and how they are relating to each other. From there I have deep concerned on the subject of protecting human right, spreading love, harmony, compassion to each other and maintain peace. So, I have conducted some awareness programs about it as well in my community and worked as a volunteer counselor for women empowerment and raised their voices about the victims of 200 in total. I am much concerned and passionate about peace since my country went through ups and down from long time ago. And I really want to know the real cause of it and take the country into peaceful way with possible solutions .I believe, my strong hope, skill, knowledge, and strong desire for positive change will help targeted people and groups to mobilize public support for their welfare.

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