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James Kalimanzila

James Kalimanzila


James Kalimanzila is a Senior Human Resource Officer at the Ministry of Water in Tanzania. Currently he is studying PhD by thesis in Public Administration at University of Dodoma in Tanzania. He is Certified Human Resource Officer, Skilled and expert in Management, Leadership, Team Management and Researcher. He is Expert and analytical professional in Human Resource Management with more than 8 years of working experience and success in Human Resource Development, Trainings issues, Human Resource Planning, Lawson, Retirement, Recruitment, career development, Transportation issues, Human Resource Information System, Administration, among others. Talented and result-oriented. Furthermore, James holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from the University of Airlangga- Indonesia, Bachelor degree in Political Science and Administration from University of Dodoma-Tanzania and Certificate in HRD and Planning from NILERD- India. He is an outstanding person, social, reliable, trustworthy, open-minded, and applies himself diligently at all times. James has an excellent rapport with all people; his ability to connect with all people is superior. He willingly shares knowledge with other people and also eager to learn new things. I reiterate that there is no regret in teaming up with James. James is a highly experienced HR professional who is solutions oriented. He is very smart in solving management related challenges in complex circumstances. James is very good in team building. He is very flexible hence he is able to cope with global cultural diversities. Also, he eager to train others for what he knows hence he can be a good coach or mentor. Mr James is an excellent character, his public speaking qualities coupled with his leadership and research skills have given him an edge over his peers.

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