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Issac Otwere

Issac Otwere


I am a graduate engineer. I pursued Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) from Kenyatta University. I took a certificate course of computer packages that was practical intensive and passed with a CREDIT. I have fundamentals on C++ programming and AutoCAD. I have basics on organization and management skills. During my entire campus life, I have served as leader in the campus church in various positions including Treasurer, Interest Coordinator, and Stewardship Director among other ministry-based leadership. In my entire campus too, I have been trained and practiced Counseling, majored on peer and young marriages counseling. I have been a campus elected student leader as a Secretary General; and also served as a Minister for Academic and ICT. I have been to a number of charity work, voluntary services both before, during and my campus life… among other leadership positions like the Promotion Director and later the Organizing Secretary for Machakos Zone, C.A.S.O ( College Adventist Student Organization). I love to see a real leadership that is aimed at to transform lives out of the best use of available resources to build a better future leadership model to imitate, especially in African Countries like Kenya. Back at home, I am an active member of a Tabaka Youth Empowerment Foundation in our locality. I have also attended Inter-Religious Council of Kenya in collaboration eith Kenya Youth Empowerment I already made a youth for peace Facebook page for my country people which I tend I am planning to promote soon so that it carries more people ( among other things. As from the shove sentiments, it is evident that I am passionate for ideally good leadership of pure sense of brotherhood. I want to eliminate ignorance and erred politics, for instance in my country which are based on tribal lines and bribe.

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