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Houssein Daher

Houssein Daher


Houssein Daher Aw Moussa, logistician and social activist, he graduated in logistic and maritime from the university of Djibouti and has more than 2 years of professional experience in various international and local companies.
He is also the founder and the CEO of Menuiserie and Aluminum Aw Moussa and Director General of RAAD forum.

International specialist DHL express, he has completed a certificate as part of DHL’s dangerous goods and information security awareness. He is a member of the YALI network and has several certificates including the community organization for action, the understanding of human rights and the transparency of government. He also advocates for the organization of the community of action, International real ship and volunteer, youth activist for peace, education, sports, gender balance and anti tribalism.

He’s Campaigner and trains the weekend in schools the quality of education, citizenship and builds the capacity of new generations. countries for infrastructure and advice on how to create entrepreneurship in the future without waiting for the government or international organizations to create jobs for them, but the one that must be created and create the youth of their country; is up to you, so you need to plan now for your businesses properly. He wants to reach a peaceful country and the world, to archive these objectives. Our goal is to inform, rebuild their capacities and encourage the role of young people, as they make up the majority of the population.
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