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Heba Assem

Heba Assem


I am Heba Assem, a Pan-African youth activist responsible for youth. I have studied Spanish language & Literature and the International Relations. I am working as a political researcher in African affairs. I participated in many activities with my fellows from all over Africa; most of them were about simulation models, which allows us to know how to be a decision maker and a leader in our community. Through courses of the Presidential Leadership Program in Egypt in policy analysis, governance studies and peace and security, I could gain a lot of knowledge in these fields. I have also a good experience of organizing events, as I was one of the organizing committee members of the National Youth Conferences in Egypt.
Working with World Youth Forum, as I was the General Coordinator of the Arab African Summit Simulation Model at World Youth Forum and the African Union simulation model, making me realizing that these activities could narrow the gap between we Africans youth and encourage them to be more effective in their nations.

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