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Hala Obeid

Hala Obeid


Hala Obeid embarked on her journey as a young individual, driven by a desire to enact positive change both nationally and regionally. Her commitment to volunteerism began with the Red Cross Youth section, where she dedicated her time and efforts to various humanitarian causes. Transitioning to a broader scope, she became actively involved in the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the Y-Peer Youth network, initiatives spearheaded by UNFPA, thereby expanding her engagement to regional and international levels.

Over four consecutive years, Hala served as a Lebanese youth delegate, representing her country at national and regional forums focused on shaping youth policies and strategies. Noteworthy among her endeavors was her representation of Lebanese youth at The Arab States Youth Coalition for Population and Development (ASYCPD) – UNFPA in Cairo, Egypt, during the 2014/2015 term.

Complementing her hands-on experiences, Hala pursued a Master’s degree in International Development: Conflict, Security, and Development, further enriching her understanding of complex global issues. An internship at the Regional Office of UNESCO, specifically in the sector of Social and Human Sciences, provided her with invaluable exposure to a wide array of topics, including youth empowerment, human rights, gender equality, migration, and inclusive social policies.

Presently, Hala Obeid is employed at the Danish Refugee Council – Lebanon, where she plays a vital role in the Economic Recovery department. Through her work, she actively supports marginalized populations, contributing significantly to improving their livelihoods and making a tangible impact on their lives.

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