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Guishonne Powell

Guishonne Powell


Guishonne Powell is president of the national Youth council in Antigua & Barbuda and is a national youth Ambassador in the ministry of crime and safety. Guishonne is passionate about working with young people and helping the next generation become successful and productive members of society. He has collaborated with many youth organizations such as The International youth society, International youth council & united youth to deepen youth engagement and participation in his country. As co-founder and president of Future is now Youth leaders, Guishonne has taken up the challenge to promote global peace amongst youth by embarking on a campaign to host an annual global youth summit for peace and cultural exchange in his country by the year 2022. Guishonne has been awarded numerous times for leadership of the year. He considers himself a mentor for the youth being the youngest person in 2014 to get married, his bride was 18 years while he was 21, he believes that setting a good example for youth would encourage them to follow in his footsteps. He lives his life by his high school’s motto ‘the world is in need of good men and women’.

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