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Gianluca Piran Fuselli

Gianluca Piran Fuselli


Born in 1999, I grew up in a small town from Argentina, during the process of consolidation of democracy and public institutions. I’ve been raised in a State where political participation is a must, having made me involve myself in education and human rights issues since I was in middle school. However, 2014 was my personal breakthrough: leading my State Federation of Secondary Students; winning the elections, with my own party, for student government as Vice-President; and finding who I was within several simulations of the UN, national Senate and diverse regional bodies. During college, I got involved with several NGOs along the years, volunteering in Tadamon (Multicultural Egyptian Council for Refugees), Youth for Understanding and Asociación Conciencia working as Secretary of Projects for the Organization Argentina de Jóvenes para las Naciones Unidas, Official Representative for Scholas Occurrentes, Ambassador for TUNZA Eco-Generation and Global Peace Chain, and Director of the Foreign Affairs and International Politics Student Society. Currently, I’m in my last year of a Licentiate degree in Political Sciences, while I keep an active role at college level, participating as Student Teacher, Mobility Program Student Tutor, and Project Manager.

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