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Frank Davis Caicedo

Frank Davis Caicedo


Frank Caicedo is an American born of parents’ descent from Colombia and Peru, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health and human nutrition at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a D2 NCAA track/cross country athlete, while also being a part of the advisory committee for his team. He is an international dancer representing Peru worldwide while working for the promotion and development of Andean culture through research, performance, and education projects with an organization called Kuyayky and Kuyayky Children Orchestra. Mentoring children through music and world valuable lessons, his projects became recognized and was invited to UMass Lowell where he was awarded the award of excellence by The National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. He received his Laureate certification in Advanced Science Research Writing while being placed in a distinguished Honors Organization that recognizes and elevates high achievers called The Society of Torch and Laurel. Along with his Andean studies projects, he is currently co-directing a research panel in collaboration with We Are America with several professors, students, and deans at Nova Southeastern University to help students at different educational levels to find their “American identity.” Throughout his works, the city mayor and officials of North Miami Beach, along with Peru’s minister and consulate general recognized his work over the years. He was awarded a prestigious award, “Congress of the Republic of Peru Recognition of Andean Performance/Education” and “Congress of the Republic of Peru Character of the Bicentennial” during a private event held at San Ignacio University in Miami.


Frank is a national AHEC Scholar for medicine, part of the APHA Latino Caucus for Public Health National Organization Mentorship program, Hispanic Heritage Foundation Leadership and workforce development program, clinical exploration NSU program, and more. He is also a part of the Global Diplomatic Forum, Change the World UN, The Youth Assembly, and a newly invited delegate to the Harvard National Model United Nations relation council.

As a partnership with the Global Peace Chain, Frank plans to build a museum to preserve all the extinct cultures, Andean musical pieces, and research, while continuing to establish the Museo Andino de Historia, Arte y Cultura Viva (MAHAC VIVA) ecomuseum project around the world to meet, study, learn from and teach. The end goal of the projects and innovative ideas is to bring an international center for leaders in research among many cultures to leave on the legacy of the Kuyayky organization.

As country director of Peru, Frank’s mission values the core fundamentals of inspiring pioneers to form unity and solutions within their communities that will have an everlasting impact. With the same passion for creating change globally, his projects will have a lasting impact that will change the way we vision health care as a new, stabilized, and affordable medicine. Frank will continue his studies at the graduate level while promoting the research of Andean studies.


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