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Fibha Frameen

Fibha Frameen


Fibha Frameen is a highly motivated professional experienced in local and international community development, holding a Master’s degree in Law with specializations in human rights and policy law and international law. Fibha Frameen is a Multicultural Ambassador, Rotary Inspirational Woman of the Year & 2021 Diana Award recipient. She is a volunteer at United Nations and a registered Justice of the Peace. As a Peace Scholar scholarship, Fibha attended one of the largest and the most prestigious Youth Summits, One Young World in Manchester 2022 and is now a One Young World Ambassador. Fibha’s valuable contributions in Australia have been recognised through her selection as a semi finalist in the 2022 7NEWS Young Achievers Award in the Spirit Super Create Change Category.

Born and raised in two very diverse yet exquisite cultures have allowed me to form beliefs and values as well as provided me with knowledge and experiences which have evolved cultural awareness & led me into becoming a global citizen. Through my experiences, I have been able to attain what I believe is a worldly and an open-minded perspective. I believe we are all crucial individuals who have unique contributions to shape the world and deserve an equal access to opportunity.

‘So, Let us join hands around the world; And create a magnitude of peace’.

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