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Fatimata Toure

Fatimata Toure


In Mali, peace seems to be a utopia for many people, because of the crisis created by the jihadist independence rebellion from Kidal, an unstable region of Mali. In this turmoil a young woman tries to make things happen in her own way, her name is Fatimata Toure, Malian, 25, lives in Timbuktu. Administrative and logistical assistant in a company, she is also a blogger on the Mondoblog RFI media workshop. According to her, for a probable peace, we must begin to change mentalities and create an environment conducive to peace, hence her love for writing. She fights for a just world, a better world where everyone can live their life in respect for others, where we can be even without fearing the opinion of others in short, a world of peace. Fatimata Toure is the winner of the Mali Media Award 2018, MAMA2018, in the citizen journalism award category blog for her fight for peace and social cohesion. In the same vein, she is a member of Doniblog, the community of bloggers in Mali, and also writes for a platform initiated by the Netherlands to give the poral to all in a world of peace. She also participated in the second international conference of young Francophones, in Switzerland, Geneva, where she participated in the development of the declaration of young Francophones that was submitted to the heads of state of the Francophonie in Armenia. Activist, she holds the position of secretary for the advancement of women at the Alliance for the Strengthening of Democracy in Mali. She is also Alumni of the Young Leader Africa Initiative Dakar, Cohort 8. Ambitious and with many projects, she wants to make her contribution to make this world even better.

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