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Falissa Nur Syahirah

Falissa Nur Syahirah


“From the humble city of Singapore, Falissa Nur Syahirah is a legal professional and graduate, who aspires to promote global harmony and peace. She is passionate about women empowerment as she strongly believes that if something has opened a door for drastic progress in the lives of women and girls worldwide, it is the principle of leaving no one behind. Just like the United Nations(UN) Women Committee’s vision, Syahirah stands firm on the grounds that women deserve to live a life free of abuse, violence, and be granted access to proper education, healthcare and financial independence. Syahirah will also be focusing on advocating for the youth, for she believes that global peace starts with education and that is the root to moulding the future of every nation. She intends to work very closely with the responsible ministries to promote peace studies and human/legal rights studies in schools. Above all, Syahirah will work towards strengthening values of democracy by incorporating the legal and international conventions between ASEAN and UN — both of which are amongst the 4 organisations she actively works for.”

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