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Kosa Erik Otto is a dedicated Social Assistant at the Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Psychiatry in Baia Mare. He also serves as a volunteer at the Department of Social Assistance in the same city. With a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and additional training in social assistance and inclusion of the elderly and disabled, as well as Social Services Management and Training, Kosa possesses a comprehensive skill set to support his work.

Throughout his career, Kosa has demonstrated a commitment to helping those in need, particularly individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. He has been actively involved in numerous volunteering initiatives and has played a pivotal role in establishing significant projects, including the “Baia Mare – Youth Capital of Romania 2018-2019.” His contributions extend to a variety of social projects catering to seniors, youth, adults, and children, reflecting his unwavering dedication to community welfare.

Kosa’s compassionate and empathetic nature, combined with his determination, enables him to effectively support and bring joy to the souls of the most vulnerable individuals. He believes in the inherent peace within each person and strives to activate and share this peace with those around him.

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