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Emmanuel SINGA

Emmanuel SINGA

Central African Republic

Work on issues of Community engagement and social mobilizations That can enable the Community to take local initiatives to develop
their own communities while building on available local resources, and also engage and strengthen community involvement in communities. Issues of peace and security is an imperative especially in the democratic governance of the security sector which aims primarily to
give space to the communities to express their views on issues of peace and security at the community level, facilitator in inter generational exchanges and dialogues within the community in order to recreate broken social fabric and ties as a result of community conflicts, accompaniment of youth organizations and civil society for the implementation of their projects at community level, several participation in the nationwide, and continental, promoter of Resolution 2250 adopted by the UN Security Council in 2015 youth peace and security at the community level by organizing focus groups and outreach sensitization for community ownership of this resolution by youth and youth organizations.

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