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Emmanuel Patrick Robert

Emmanuel Patrick Robert


Emmanuel Patrick Robert was born on the 24th December,  1989 in Freetown Sierra Leone.  He grew up and was schooled in Sierra Leone from Primary to University.  Emmanuel  later graduated as an Accountant and has produced so many result in youth activities. Emmanuel is happily married with a wife and two kids.  He has served in various capacities such as a youth led advocate in humanitarian activities,  Peace Advocator,  Gender activists and many more.  His work has contributed much in empowering youth, women and Children in his country.  He has also represented his country at different international platforms and networking organizations to promote the sustainable development goals in his country.  Emmanuel is always willing to serve and open up to new ideas,  opportunities and challenges that will  widen his desire to promote humanitarian activities.  Aside from these mentioned,  Emmanuel is a tolerable personality that has,  and can lead colleagues team members to achieve organizational goals,  because he is result oriented.  Emmanuel has lead an organization of youth in partnership with recognized institutions at national level to promote peace,  tolerance and humanity,  like the Legal Aid Board of Sierra Leone,  National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone,  Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone etc, and at international platforms such as Youth for Human Rights International,  International Aids Society,  International Youth Alliance for Family Planning,  Happiness Global Charity Organization,  Global Peace Chain

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