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Elina Shevchenko

Elina Shevchenko


Elina Shevchenko is a person who passioned to make these world better place to live in, from childhood she believed that it is possible to make it through art, she has attended choreography and drawing classes then she switched to academic approach and jointed the best law school in Russia (Lomonosov Moscow State University where she got her Bachelor and Master’s degree in international public law) and graduated MSU with honors. She also was designated for scholarship grated by Chinese government and study Master program in international commercial law in Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Now she still highly interested in liberal arts (psychology, sociology, philosophy and law) and making her first steps in academic career as PhD in comparative legal studies and philosophy of law, she wants to apply her knowledge for the benefit of sustainable development and new peace-building approaches. She believes that peace-building and peace-making process require all mentioned approaches simultaneously but the most important point in this process is cross-boarded relationships. She is keen of traveling and want to learn more about traditions customs mentalities of different nations with respect to their specialties; she finds it necessary for better understanding and building better communication. Elina was co-founder of charitable non-profit organization (EveryOneNeedsHome) or Vse_po_Domam providing support to integrate the concepts and principles of sustainable development among youngsters in Moscow (the main idea that lead to establishment of a non-commercial Charity was to help homeless animals with medical aid, sterilization and providing homes) this community managed to help lots of homeless animals to find their homes but what is more important the project helped to promote empathy and involve youngsters as Elina has high communicative skills which always help her to be the leader. Her hobby is screen writing and she still believes that trough art and science we can promote the values of peace, tolerance, understanding and solidarity in the present world.

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