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Doroteja Horvat

Doroteja Horvat


I’m Doroteja, 21 years old law student from Croatia. As a future lawyer, I know the importance of fighting and advocating for peace, dialog and understanding. I use my free time to (among other things) discuss local and global issues with my friends from Croatia, as well as with my friends from abroad because I highly value different opinions and points of view.

In my opinion,diversity of cultures is the biggest value of today’s society and we are more connected than ever – now is the best opportunity to make great things with only our kind words and actions.
I strongly believe that every person has to start with changes around him/her in order to achieve the ultimate change. That is why I’m trying to be as active in society as I can, since high school.
At that time, I was representative of Croatian association of high school students in my county.
Today I see that as a very good starting point. It taught me how to listen, how to think about
ideas and represent other people’s opinions, no matter how “small” or insignificant our opinion seemed to be at that age.

Nowadays, I keep gathering young people through my volunteer work. As a volunteer at Eyca and Croatian Youth Hostel Association, I worked on “Eyca card” – a discount card that offers many discount options around Europe and helps a lot to young people, specially students-
to lower their expenses and have access to more things than they would usually have.
As a young person, I cherish European values – peace, prosperity, freedom, togetherness. That is why I became part of big “This time I’m voting” EU elections campaign. Not only that I became a part of it, I was one of the best volunteers because I was very passionate about telling people how important their voice is, how only through discussion, dialog with society and new ideas we can make better future. I was also main Croatian volunteer in ” If you give a s*it, give a vote” EU campaign organized by Eyca. It was fresh and brave campaign made by 25 young people from all around the Europe to raise the awareness of our importance in society. All of this resulted with
highest EU elections turnout in Croatia ever. I also gained a lot of knowledge in organizing panels, discussions and trips for young people and I find it very useful for the future.

I believe everyone has a place in the world and everyone deserves a chance. But, not all people get one. That is why we should insist on peace and dialog, because peace and dialog bring prosperity,
prosperity brings chances, and chance create great stories and great personalities.
Equality at every field, prosperity and ultimate peace are things I want to fight for. I know that maybe those values can not be totally achieved in our lifetime, but every single step counts. I’m an optimist and I believe a lot can be done, you just need to start.

As a Croatian citizen, I hear stories about war times almost every day. Although we are not at war any more, our society is not really in peace yet. We have different things we still have to get rid of, such
as different types of discrimination or crimes that make us go to conflict all over again. I would like to make young people aware of issues, bring them to discussion, “burst the bubble” most of them nowadays live, but also, I would like to hear different points of view and life situations from other people. Connecting my country to the world in this aspect will be my biggest goal and I hope I will have a chance to achieve it.

A good motivational letter cannot end without a good quote, so here is one I hear a lot while working part-time in my local theatre – “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and
some have greatness trust upon them.” Shakespeare can be so timelessly interpreted- young people of our time are meant to do great things – maybe some of us are born great, some of us might even have greatness thrust upon them, but we all aim to achieve greatness, one way or another. Making few steps closer to ultimate world peace can certainly count as a greatness of 21st century.

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