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Doaa Abd ElHalim Hassan Abd ElRahman

Doaa Abd ElHalim Hassan Abd ElRahman


Doaa is an Egyptian girl who lives in Giza. By her second preparatory year in the school, she found her way to volunteering, it was a new world for her but it was like magic once she entered it she continued till now she found that volunteering is like a passion and helping others gives you an energy renewing your soul she has volunteered with seven organizations over eight years. Then, she started her University by studying psychology She got a bachelor’ degree from the faculty of Arts in psychology and a diploma in clinical psychology. She is an active girl who started to work since her college studies she started by be a co-founder for a handmade project then moved from a company to another, she worked in the British Council as Invigilator , in another place as a kids trainer’, or a psychologist. Also, she worked as a data entry and graphic designer .later in December 2019 the psychology way led her to look for the inner peace and she found it when she got a fellowship to be a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer with World Peace Initiative. She is now working as a psychologist in Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer Treatment and Early Detection .And sharing the peace with others by the self development and by meditation.

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