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Diane Glaoua

Diane Glaoua


Diane GLAOUA, is a 26-year-old self-driven and quite resourceful entrepreneur. Editor-in-chief of The Classy Time Webzine, her blog and insta-blog turned digital magazine in March 2020. Reaching more than 250k active followers and readers across all platforms, she will continue assisted, by her team, to cover topics ranging from Luxury to Climate Change through interviews dedicated to bringing visibility to start-ups and women entrepreneurs. Diane is a relentless advocate of human rights, children rights to education and women empowerment which is what motivated her choice to surround herself with a team of women. Her activities also includes her work as a Social Media consultant. Having worked with established names in the fashion & beauty industry for several years now, she has accrued a wealth of knowledge and experience, that allow her to improve the quality of her advice while expanding her reach as a professional online influencer. Because a reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy, Diane follows the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behavior in a business that is transforming the way to market for brands. Diane is a creative at heart, she never runs out of ideas to improve people’s quality of life. Therefore, to keep the momentum going she founded a start up supported by the label and community of La French Tech. Nothing can be disclosed as of yet but 2021 will hopefully mark a global impact in philanthropy among other things. She studied Politics & Law as a double bachelor, followed by an English & Politics double bachelor to further her competencies in International Relations. She recently enrolled in world-class faculty Harvard Business School, to get a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. After modestly contributing to the UN75 Initiative with counsel in Social Media strategies and because she volunteers her time with different charities, it seemed natural to also support a cause that is dear to her: Peace in the World. Diane’s dream job was to be a diplomat to help build and improve relations worldwide, she chose a different path to achieve this goal that hasn’t faded using her voice through Social Media. Used to public speaking since her 10th birthday, being the first schoolgirl to give a speech commemorating the loss of soldiers of the Second World War in front of an entire city, semi-finalist of law pleading competition of her university, contributing editor for Swiss magazines, her writing proficiency and her relentless motivation are a few of the skills that could greatly benefit the existing team of ambassadors within Global Peace Chain.

As she often says of herself: “She is continually evolving & constantly learning…”

3 words that best describe Diane? Resilient. Empathetic. Visionary.

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