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Desli Shahini

Desli Shahini


I think Peace Chain is a great chain and being part of it can be a challenge. Personally I think that I have will and passion to make realize every idea because I am really hard worker. Also looking in a lot of countries experience I have gain more energies of understanding different communities and solving different problems. I have a great team work and managment skills that can make Peace Chain better in every link. Also I am visionar person with a lot of network and positive influence because of my hard and long work with organizations and youth people. I am a maker so strongly think that I can be at my best for this position.

I have made a lot of changes in my country especially in social community. First of all I am part of a big chain of youth people, having my own organization, a social enterpreneur and having a lot of network with young people. Secondly I have made big movements for feminism, creating and organizing the first Samit , Girl to Leader in my country. Those can make me an ideal global peace ambassador.

I am mostly passionate about helping people, making them feeling motivate to live, work and go in schools in order to be characters in our society no matter of the disability they can have. Each of us are equal and this a great opportunity to share spaces, opinions and goals together. I am really keen on making girls and young with disabilities to be part of our society because they can not loose the opportunity because of a weakness. I think a can do a lot of things for them and with them. I have worked a lot with deaf people and I know they have great skills and ideas to change the world, to make peaceful new directions of young people.

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