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David Henry

David Henry

Saint Lucia
Better known as the Saint Lucia Youth Chancellor or Youth General, for my commitment to painting a broad vision for youth and his passionate efforts to educate youth on the importance of their contribution towards making the world better place and empowering them with the confidence and the knowledge to make more informed decisions in their lives.
David Henry is the Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Castries Hub,  President of the World Youth Alliance Saint Lucia , Public Relations Officer of  Volunteer Saint Lucia , One Young World Ambassador 2019 and Regional Coordinator for Central America and the Caribbean to the Kectil Program for youth leaders from developing countries and Senior Youth Leader at the Sacred Sports Foundation. David also serves ambassador roles to many other organizations TeachSDGs, American Sexual Health Association, World Family Federation, Global Education Influence, Saint Lucia National Youth Council and EBSI Exports Academy.
As a Youth Leader Henry has earned respect globally for his efforts in using sports particularly football for good; to tackle social issues which youth face, he was a recent feature on the 4th Issue of the Street Football World “Football4Good Magazine.” David also played for the Saint Lucia national football team and became a role model encourage young people to turn away from the gangs and violence. David found inspiration in empowering youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their lives and he use sports as the tool to inspire
Currently Henry spearheads the G758 (Goal 758) youth operation named aimed at nurturing young leaders through schools and community groups to be at the center of change and taking ownership of their communities through Sustainable Development Goals action and Volunteerism, to reshape a youth action centered and promising Saint Lucia by addressing the most pressing issues that young people face today.

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