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Celia Cabrera Torres

Celia Cabrera Torres


I am from Ecuador. I am a very passionate peace builder and a change maker, I am a human rights lawyer and activist against violence, I have a diploma on promotion of human rights and prevention of violence, and a master degree on Diplomacy and foreign affairs with a minor on foreign policý. I´ve been an activist and a volunteer since I was a teenager and I have experience working on public administration, non gubernamental organisations and international organisations like CICR, UNHCR, OBEDISC, RRC, Ecuador Red Cross, just to name few. My work has been directed to increase skills and empower youth and minorities in communities by educating and helping them in the defense of their rights, mediation and strategic litigation, but specially on prevention. I work with children, women, refugees, armed conflict victims, lgbti popullation, indigenous groups and minorities. I have had the opportunity to represent my country and organisations in international forums, research and international observatories in human rights field. Recently I co founded SALVAS, a non-profit organization created to contribute in Ecuador as a System of Asistance
and Liberation for Victims of Sexual Violence (Sistema de Apoyo y Liberación para Víctimas de
Violencia Sexual).
Our mission is to provide immediate assistance services to victims of all types of sexual violence in
Ecuador, including advocacy services, psychological care, and social reintegration, through a system founded on education and community support. My life purpose in to contribute in the creation of a better world to coming generations.

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