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Ariadna Doria

Ariadna Doria


Whilst growing up in a vibrant and multicultural environment in Germany, Ariadna Doria exercised proactive thinking skills and developed an interest in local engagement. She swiftly took to the pen and began writing on matters of contemporary sociopolitical significance in analytical and notional styles. Fluency in four languages (English, German, Russian, and Spanish) has equipped Ariadna with the means to navigate an international network of activists, recently contributing to Voices of Youth and being selected as one of 60 youth delegates worldwide for the 2021 summit. Albeit ambitious and globally-minded, Ariadna has not neglected her local community; she was a student speaker at the annual Dresden Peace Prize in February 2020 (welcoming laureate Muzoon Almellehan) and organized a Solidarity Week at her local international school.  In early 2020 she was also present at the 75th annual remembrance of the Dresden Bombings, which is a state-wide broadcasted peace event that enables student representatives to converse with a survivor of the event on the subject of the future of our community. Ariadna believes that education is instrumental to working towards global peace due to the fact that accessible dialogue and appropriate pedagogy can transparently expose the harrowing realities of communal fragmentation and hostility. With this stance as a guiding tenet, she has conducted research on the inclusivity of the current state-issued language acquisition curriculum and designed an alternative model, implementing UDL (Universal Design Learning; endorsed by UNESCO) principles in addition to taking cultural contingencies, learner variability, and psychological backgrounds into account. Moreover, she is up to date with current developments in political thought, having attended the Oxford Political Thought Seminar, “The Unruly History of Freedom” facilitated by the Harvard Centre for European Studies, and the “Politics of Egalitarianism” seminar by the Blavatnik School of Government. Ultimately, Ariadna’s projects are enriched by her creative, open-minded, cooperative, and pragmatic nature, which shape her novel perspectives and proposals in addition to complementing a foundation of decade-long activism. She seeks to maintain this momentum and contribute more towards her local community and the global sphere in the near future.

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