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Antonio Braga Fazenda

Antonio Braga Fazenda


António Braga Fazenda, is an Activist, Political Consultant and Social Entrepreneur. Co-founder and secretary of Institutional Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Angolan Youth Parliament. Fazenda is passionate about Civic Leadership and has become a reference and voice of responsible leadership and social entrepreneurship because of its ability to meet the challenges of effectively meeting the development agenda of the African Union and the United Nations. He holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Science and Technology ” INSUTEC ” and holds a certificate in Civic Leadership from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

From early on he awakened the spirit of activist, leadership and Social Entrepreneur, has extensive experience in civic engagement, as Secretary General of the National Association of Private University Students of Angola and as a volunteer, President of the Students Association of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Science and Technology ” INSUTEC, President of the Independent Electoral Commission of the Lusíada de Angola University, Vice-President of the Independent Electoral Commission at the Methodist University of Angola, In 2009, joined the Angolan Boy Scout Association, at Group 02 Group 18 Cristo Rei, where I already hold positions like Gia da Patrol Lobo, Secretary of Finance of the 3 section of the same grouping.

He is a young leader committed to Gender Equality and good governance. It is broadly demonstrated by my team spirit and his strong mobilizing and leadership capacity in the organizations where he has collaborated, and which are diverse: Civic, Student, Religious and policies. as detailed above and volunteers at community service events as a member of the Angolan Girl Scout Association and Alumni YALI RLC SA. Leadership Center).

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