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Annisa Nadhifa Ramadhani

Annisa Nadhifa Ramadhani


Annisa Nadhifa Ramadhani is an International Relations Student, at the Airlangga University (UNAIR) in Surabaya, Indonesia. She is currently a Traffic Ambassador for Surabaya City Police Department and also East Java Police Department. Being the Traffic Ambassador, she is the extension from the Police Department to the society, mainly young generations, to socialize the programs and traffic laws into the community to reduce traffic accidents and invite the younger generation to help bring the society into a safe place. She’s required to understand how the society goes and how to explain, distribute and also help answering questions that a lot the people have mainly in traffic laws. She is equipped with the skills of public speaking, critical and fast thinking, responsive and also a perfectionist.
She is currently an English Coach, teaching English language to high school students and help them to be able to speak English fluently and also helping them to gain more achievements by teaching them public speaking. She is also has capabilities in terms of leadership. Since high school, she was selected as the Head of The English Department in a competition for two years in a row and in charge of the flow of the competition and also making the exercises in the competition. She was also selected as the Class President of The Student Exchange Program to Singapore and Malaysia. As the Class President, she’s in charge of being a representative for the school in giving speeches in designated exchange school. She’s also in charge of guiding, translating, and spokesperson. She is an open-minded person who has a passion for developing herself and not afraid to take new challenges. With her experiences, she’s proven to be a capable leader and spokesperson in development to be a better person and a better leader in charge of incoming projects.

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