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Anel Yessenkulova

Anel Yessenkulova


Anel Yessenkulova is an MBA graduate, faculty of the Economic Sciences in the field of Strategic Marketing from Lomonosov Moscow State University. She is also well-known as an Independent Researcher in Political Philosophy, Theology, and Western Esotericism who possesses broad experience in international relations resulted in a successful outcome of creating a peaceful, diplomatic, conflict-free, and auspicious environment for the enterprises. Combining the first-class Law degree & Bachelor with Honours (Hons) within an excellent high achieving schools of Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Kazakhstan allowed her to become a successful professional and young female leader.

Apart from that, she is actively involved in extra-curricular activities on human rights and female empowerment. Moreover, Anel genuinely believes that helping others comes down to feeling a sense of closeness and unity. She demonstrated it by a desire to learn more, improve her knowledge in every academic aspect, and by communicating with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnic minorities, where her leadership qualities were tested. Her perception of being a leader is about being a decent person with a strong moral code, being critical to your own personal qualities, always expand your knowledge, and passionately share it with others.

In terms of a spiritual topic that plays a significant role in her daily life, she believes that morality and spirituality are the main basis of society that makes society’s «consciousness» turn into loving, peaceful, and compassionate directions. This concept based on the ancient philosophy of «sharing and caring», which might become the starting point of positive change on the global level for future generations and its foremost values.

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