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Alex Dane Fraser

Alex Dane Fraser


Mr Alex Dane Fraser started his work within community development over 10 years ago. Mr. Fraser would have started as an unpaid volunteer after he wanted to make a change within his community. He started providing counselling to youths and adults, after which he noticed the underline reason why so many people were getting HIV & STIs, Mr Fraser start adding mental health counselling, gender-based violence counselling, and parenting workshops to develop the knowledge of the people who he came in contact with.

Activities will include training, awareness-raising and sensitization; referral mapping; and provision of other needs to improve access to health care and social services. Mr Fraser would have strengthened partnerships with civil society organizations and movements working for equality and justice for all.

Mr Fraser has been working with key stakeholders, government, civil society, etc. about building a society where peace, love, and unity prevail, the benefits of a society with peace, and ways in which we can access resources and improve unity within our cycle and extend the environment.

Due to Mr Fraser’s work and commitment over the years to community development he was selected as Chairman of Victoria Community Development Council, and Vice Chairman of United Single Parents Group, both of these organizations are working within different communities to improve the lives of residents.

Mr Fraser promotes socio-economic and community development for all. To achieve the aim, Mr Fraser organizes people to improve their livelihood and community improvement by working together and sharing knowledge. Mr Fraser believes that he can develop and foster a team culture. This culture, or identity, is the foundation of all effective teams. It is important to find tangible ways to make people interested in community development.

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