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Abeer Al-iryani is one of the people that are helpful and strong inspiring role model for her friends. She loves to help and guide people in the right path and gives the best advice when asked for, She is a realistic and wise person,  she is a good  listener and  a great team player as she will always be there to support her team when needed, she manages  to find solutions during a problem  and stay calm in tough situations. She is a hard worker which puts her heart and passion in what she does so the results would come good.


Furthermore , throughout her experiences Abeer faced challenges in different majors that shaped her personality to become an ideal women, taking responsibility, learning how  to value what she  has as she knows  how  hard it is to get to a good  position, she always loved to help  others and she always  cared about others so she  used to fill up  her  free time volunteering for  several organizations such as  the IOM, The  British Red cross , Save  the children Romania and other organized activities that she  used to make  together  with her  friends  and family, to  go spend  a  day  with Kids  with no families .

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