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Abdirizak Mohamed Derie

Abdirizak Mohamed Derie


Abdirizak Mohamed Derie in Somali lander, that has two bachelor degree public health office and Urban management he is senior social activities and campaigner of peace, he is interested to working peace in his country and in the world, he is working for the last year he has been the regional chairman (M.Jeeh) of the SAYO Organization,NGO Somaliland advancement youth organization that working development of youth such like awareness of youth, capacity building for youth, and communication and integration of youth, and helping homeless children he is advocate issues of peace he provides youth awareness and training it encourages youth to work for peace and sustainability of peace he is engaged and representing his country Somaliland and Africa and world in general in the following roles as a volunteer in board volunteer he also passionate with the community base the focus on migration youth to reduction campaign to young generation to be aware with and adaptable country he is want to achieve a peaceful and open– minded society in future by involving and ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for youth. he believes that youth as a part of communities to have diversified knowledge to understand global and local issues in competent decision-maker and believe peace is the foundation of society and that is why the community enjoys working together on peace issues always like to work on social issues and activities in country he is interest the youth should do their best to work in social issues this will lead to sustainable development and stability

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