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Abdelhalim Zaibi

Abdelhalim Zaibi


The name is Abdelhalim, he’s from Tunisia . Abdelhalim just came back from the United States after spending one academic year through a fully funded scholarship in his field of studies business management. He’s an Energetic , ambitious person. Extremely Motivated to constantly develop his skills and grow professionally. He’s an active person and he loves doing associative work. He joined many well known organizations since an early age such as Aiesec, eTwinning, modal of united nations etc … He’s Confident in his ability to come up with Interesting ideas that could make a change in his country and why not in the world. Currently, Abdelhalim is serving his country as a cultural ambassador at the US department of state and a TEDx talks organizer in his hometown. For him, Representing his country in the best way Is a priority. Abdelhalim believes that Knowledge has a beginning but no end that’s why he’s doing his best to gain more knowledge and learn in each and every way possible even from making mistakes so he can achieve his goals. He strongly believe that there’s nothing impossible if there’s a strong faith in what we are doing, the reason why he’s keeping up with trying new things and experiencing other cultures. Abdelhalim had several participations in national and international competitions and events such as intel science and technology fairs. Those experiences helped him build his personality and improve his skills. One of his favorite quotes :“ Vision Without execution is delusion.”

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