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Abdelhak Kadari

Abdelhak Kadari


An Algerian young man graduated from Ibn Khaldun University in mechanical engineering
I lived my childhood in the middle of a civil war and that is why I am interested in working in world peace
I studied and worked in Austria in the most important institution of the automobile industry in the world , Magna Steyr Graz

Its brands include Mercedes Benz Class C and MINI Cooper
In Algeria I was among the first team to manufacture the first Mercedes Bans car
I am currently responsible for a group of young volunteers to serve the community
Every year, especially in the summer, we organize camps for children and young people
The aim is to teach children the customs and traditions of the country and offer cultural and sports activities
Because the children are the future and we are trying to form a strong and loving generation of his homeland
I also work in the field of tourism promotion through volunteering, which enables the realization of acquaintance among young people
A message in life is to draw a smile on the faces of others
Happiness is to give others, not to gain something

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