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Institute of International Relations

Institute of International Relations

The diplomatic panel discussion took place thanks to the moderator Olesandr Kraev, and the speakers:
– Mr. Alex Lenarts – Ambassador of Belgium to Ukraine 
– Dr. Mokhshin Kamal – Ambassador of Peace from Pakistan 
– Anne Mosavie – Global Diplomatic Forum Counselor 
The youth panel discussion took place thanks to the moderator Anna Zodi, and the speakers:
– Thiago from Brazil
– Mishal from Denmark
– Іtgelt from Mongolia
– Heiger from Austria
The panel “Women. Peace and Security” was held thanks to the moderator Yekaterina Ovsyanik, and the speakers:
– Karine Radchenko – youth delegate from Ukraine to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg
– Adriane Susak is a veteran, leader of the women’s veteran movement.
Together we discussed topical issues of peaceful resolution of conflicts and building peace. In partnership with the international organization Global Peace Chain, the Institute of International Relations has become a place where youth, officials and young creators of the world unite for a dialogue about peace. 
Thanks to everyone who joined in building a new world, a world without wars and conflicts. 
Thank you for the key assistance in organizing the event to Ekaterina Ovsyanik, 4th year student of the specialty “International Communications”

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