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When will humanity wake up?

When will humanity wake up?

Sometimes, nothing seems left to me to write because so many of you all have been so cruel that seems like you have lost the right to read and write. Not just you but also me for being silent these days, with injustice happening in front of my eyes.

Belatedly, I must now speak up and speak out.

Of course, I am just a 14 year old schoolgirl. Some may dismiss me as they have disparaged the other young activists fighting alongside me for a better world, future and Justice. But I really don’t understand such people. Why still so many people say “me” or “mine” or “my tribe”?

Can’t this world ever accept this simple truth that our planet Earth is for all to share and care of?

We often hear it said that our world has turned to a global village. But why can’t it be a real global village, not just one linked together by the advanced technology of communication satellites?

Do we really want to say “okay” to killing, torturing, ignoring people because they look or believe a bit differently from you? Is that how things should be?

If you believe in religion and care about it then answer this : which faith teaches you to ruin people’s lives because of in what ethnicity they are born? And even the science says that, we all bleed and breath the same then why we can’t ever accept this universal truth?

Lets accept this foolish concept that 1.1 million Rohingya people made a mistake by not ‘choosing’ to be born like you all but I want to ask you about the Rohingya children. Do you think they fully understand the meaning of religion or colour? What kind of lives they are living? Or what futures await them?

Lets look into their imagination.

From their birth, they are seeing that they don’t have any identity, peace or dignity and they are not even considered as human beings. After a while they experience a genocide going on, their houses are on fire, parents are being tortured inhumanly.

They are compelled to leave their own place. Then they discover themselves in the sea on a small boat and all are praying to be saved.

The Rohingya children in the Arakan/Rakhine state Burma/Myanmar experienced the horrors of “ethnic cleansing” and genocide through 2017. According to a study by the UN High Commission for Refugees estimated more than 24,000 Rohingya were killed by Burmese military and local Buddhists, 18,000 Rohingya women were raped, 116,000 Rohingya were badly beaten, and 36,000 Rohingya were thrown into fires.

The ones who were saved are experiencing that they are now at a new country, our Bangladesh. But here, they are considered rarely as humans but only refugees and don’t have any peace, respect or freedom. Only difference is they are alive here. I still don’t understand why the world remains so often cruel and silent, based on people’s religion and colour.

Each day, I wonder how innocent children have managed to endure this kind of injustice. I am thinking about how and why members of Homo sapiens—whose Latin meaning is “wise men,” and who lay claim to being the best species—could do this to their fellow human beings?

We have failed to insure every person’s smile, peace, and equality.

Justice can’t speak because we were sent to speak on its behalf but we people speak of money and power. Both world and humanity wants an answer from us and justice is looking forward for an action.

Will we be able to answer the world and humanity? Or face the people whose lives were ruined?


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