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The Ideal, that is Peace:

The Ideal, that is Peace:

Peace is cyclical. Peace is just, fair, equitable, but temporary as conflict arrives in a multiplicity of manners; driven by self-righteous states of man. Its methodology is simple, shared empathy, so human flourishing becomes accessible for the many, and not the few. However, human nature has complicated our compassionate and utopian characteristics with malevolence and inequity. Our proclivity for mistakes, definitively defines us as humans; however, a lack of individual contribution towards peace’s texture becomes man’s most preposterous and irrational of decisions. The inconsistency causes fluctuations that limit man’s potential, universally. Therefore, it’s vital for beings to have access to peace within all communities, so prosperity and bliss rise and not fall.

What is peace? Peace is a stillness of mind. But, in economic and political systems, its formations encapsulate different forms, hence differences are apparent. Identified qualities of peace are as follows: love, trust, humility, joy, patience, partnership, generosity, inclusivity, tolerance, temperance, zeal, faith, and grace. These affirmations are fundamental for the individual, system, and culture. When innovative humans advocate such conditions, and implement verdant, tolerant, and inclusive economic and political frameworks, the culture of a respective nation state alters, therefore improving an imitative human type. The objective and subjective human centered approach is quintessential for long term stability and efficiency.

Today, global landscapes witness a fourth social revolution. Technology captures human behavior and action in lights not once viewed, while democracies enter vicious cycles of social disorder. The mastery of social media propels leaders globally to positions of authority, not centered on policy. Rather on a constant mobilization effort of reelection. Leaders that guide our future steps, cannot limit communal progression for self-interest. Actions of divisiveness is outweighing Unitarian models, acting as a threat to peaceful dialogue. The social media, disposable world provides unfettered accessibility and interconnectivity, reaching historical highs of usage, yet even more alliances are frayed internationally.

Nationalism, skepticism, and human frailty replace potential pathways for peace.
Thus, agents of peace must offer visions of structural changes for present day education and taxation systems, for example. These solutions must be data driven, encompassing a factful based perspective, disregarding man’s inclination of instincts for misconception and fallacy.
Positivity for peace must shine by long term propositions versus short termism paradigms.

Our species should remain eternally vigilant, while willful blindness is subject to humanity. Such an obstacle strays Beings farther from achieving solidarity and harmony, two defining units of peace. These tenants are Roman columns, holding the invisible hand of the market and governance intact. Without these pillars, qualities of peace do not flow outward. Thus, encourage the practice of essentialism, as inflection points perpetually present themselves for man. Virtuous decisions must be the outcome.

The seconds do not cease to tick, serving as reminders of our morality, so live with a peaceful moral code. Its nature is indispensable for the promotion of peace. As Reinhold Niebuhr said: “Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy, but man’s inclination for injustice makes democracy.” The paradox is simple, a duality must be defeated and an initiation for justice over publicity or money must be sought.

Peace of mind, peace of community, peace for the world is made possible by social forces intertwining. Individuals and systems must synthesize themselves by the ideal of peace, and its perpetual offering. Be bold and courageous for the common good, where everyone flourishes. Peace is a Pollyanna mentality; peace is order defeating chaos.

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