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SDG 16: Bottom line to 2030

SDG 16: Bottom line to 2030

As a hunk of Sustainable Development activism, Global peace chain has recently initiated noble campaign of reaching millions of people over the globe within 2019 to sign the petition for the peace and development that vividly induces for their commitment to ascent against injustice, inequality and to contribute along for peace and justice so as people in global community are freed from Developmental threats.
Being a Global Peace Ambassador at Global Peace Chain and also a SDG Coordinator at United Nations – Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth, I made a promise to keep myself adherent towards my responsibility for advocating on behalf of Sustainable Development. Since, it is alike a dime of dozen, I felt that the ground vision is to extend networking with each other, after all we all are chasing a single dream to make this planet liveable, just and decent.
On feb 06, 2019, I went to a public school near Kathmandu. My motive was no any other than doing a short session that meticulously discussed on SDG 16 ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions’. I cannot say, Nepal is largely dominated by multiple societal factors in terms of Development, But these factors comprising multiple stratifications, threats, social issues and challenges have significant contribution to breaking the bridge of Development.
I started a conversation with the students asking them ‘How happy were they ?’. This comprehensively needs more clarification but at the meantime, my fellow moderator facilitated this with a beautiful presentation of mental health. Mental health that have been a root cause for many youths that may or not have been a snag to move forward in terms of Development. As a part of peace campaign, we thought this was mandatory to interlink the essence of peaceful mind in terms of community Development. The question itself was ‘How happy are we to make this community Happy ?’. Mental terrors like – depression, anxiety and inferiority are measured to be significant drawbacks for youths. Distress induced by these mental terrors have often invited suicidal trends in the society. This necessarily illustrate our standings on maintaining internal peace. Students ideas and their interpretations gave us a new dimension to realize that peace was not only about being liberal from wars and terrors or internal distress, we got an instant opportunity to relate their ideas with Community happenings.
Moving more ahead, realizing that peace has significant alignation with multiple Development paradigms. As per the Happiness Index of Development, Peace and happiness are most essential criterion for measuring Sustainable Development. Our presentations often concerned these issues when we discussed about the other goals in our former SDG sessions. Discussions led with some splendid examples around the community gave a thrill among the students. Terms like – economic disparity, gender disparity, social insecurity, environmental degradation were major highlights that significantly demonstrated the decrepit status of peace when these all sectors are lagged behind. Particularly, the session taught ourselves about the comprehensive action for advocating for all the global goals. Since, Peace and Development are complementary to each other, journey of one is futile without another. Because the inequality cannot go forever, poverty cannot stand longer, injustice cannot stay quitier, these all needs a Solution. A solution that can be drafted upon driving the mechanisms of peace. Peace that is healthier, economical, bias-free and sustainable enough to make the community free from internal and external terrors.
I felt privileged in doing the Peace event at one of the school which was not only amicable to me, but have been one of our major stakeholder in producing so many wonderful enthusiastic and talented youth students to advocate and stand for our common agendas. I felt proud to have hundreds of petitions from those energetic youths. I believed in them and they believed in me, this led a perfect chemistry in the Development of ideas and resolutions. This led a perfect exchange of knowledge and solutions, this induced me more to reach other hundreds of Youth students who are in thirst of acquiring these knowledge and also to those who have always been eagerly waiting to share theirs.

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