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Building A Peaceful World

Building A Peaceful World

It is an undeniable fact that today the world is globalised and has stepped in a high tech era. The world is gripped by violence, wars, suicide bombings, economic crisis, euro crisis, landslide, mudslide, earthquakes, devastating cyclones, hurricanes, corruption and nepotism. Steps to create a peaceful world are described in the paragraphs below.
Every year Irak is fraught with suicide bombings and people’s life are being shattered. Many orphans are left behind. Shia and Sunnite are avenging each other because they are arch-enemies. They are demonstrating their power and war skills. Everyday people are dying and are mourning for their dear ones. There are curfew and people are living in an atmosphere of terror and fear. Bombardments and rocket launching are escalating and mounting. Buildings are being demolished and are crumbling as a result of wastage of money. Americans and British troops are in Irak to counter-attack enemies and their terrorist attacks in mortar by launching bombs, firing and grenades. The Then American’s Prime Minister Barack Obama was concerned for the people and was leaving no stone unturned. UN peacekeepers are omnipresent. Reporters are being kidnapped and killed and phenomenal amount of money are being asked for their release. The mastermind Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was shot by US Forces and they are fully determined to fight terrorism. The Then Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahamedinejad was stubborn and was multiplying their nuclear enrichment programs to test their power. He was in power from 2005 to 2013. In 2018, Syria also was in the limelight as there were numerous and multiple bombings by USA, France and UK. Estimates of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, per opposition activist groups, vary between 364,792 and 522,000. On 23 April 2016, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria put out an estimate of 400,000 that had died in the war.
The world is rife with violence. In our Mauritian society, there is an escalating amount of domestic violence cases and people are watching a plethora of movies and are doing the misdeeds in reality creating a disbalance and disequilibrium. People should adapt the adage of Mahatma Gandhi that “Non-violence is our greatest duty” and to become an exponent of non-violence. They must propagate and educate others about peace. People must seek recourse to meditation in order to attain peace of mind and to motivate others. It is a therapy to cure people and to instill positive values. They must love the positive side of life and become a peace lover and pacifist. Reiki masters and Brahma Kumaris are dispensing courses of meditation to change the mindset of people and gear them towards positivity in order to make them optimistic and positive-minded persons and human beings. Spiritual seekers are participating actively in religious ceremonies conducted by religious dignitaries in order to refine their thoughts and infuse noble teachings. Religion and God is one and each community pray God and call him by different names. People learn communitary and moral values. According to the Veda, “We must look at everyone with a friendly eye”. So many religious ceremonies are being conducted to promote peace and harmony and to heal the sick world. US Envoy says that American President, Donald Trump peace plans are being delayed by several months in order to give the best chance of getting a good reception. According to Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, “Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.” Peace is within and it is the key and inner force to fight outer conflicts.

In Mauritius police officers are doing a fantastic and commendable job in order to establish law and order. They are the custodians and protectors of the country and are promoting social stability and they are helping the country to fight social evils such as rapes, child trafficking, substance abuse, suicide and passionate crimes. They are law-abiding and law-enforcing citizens and pride of the nation. They are hardworking, honest and are working in collaboration with the government. They are responsible and are handling every case carefully in order to hinder an upsurge of violence. They are doing a herculean task. The police officers are strong-minded and fully determined to face any challenges and adverse situations. Poverty alleviation too is a major evil that government is fighting to eradicate in order to make Mauritius a poverty-free country. It is a top priority of the statesman to give a panoply of facilities to poor people and they are getting a house to live and their children are getting money to pursue their studies.
In my village, I live in a nuclear family and we are happy because there is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility reigning. My village is an oasis and haven of peace. My parents give us good pieces of advice and inculcate good values in us. They are our role models and ideals. Every community of my village has a good sense of friendliness, cooperation and respect. Everyone shoulder their responsibility and fulfill their duties. They are very helpful and religious-minded. Their faith is unshakeable and believe in interreligious thoughts. Everyone share their point of views and voice out their opinions.
As a conclusive note, it is everyone’s duty to promote peace and world peace is not a utopia. If terrorist attacks and violence diminish and social equilibrium is maintained then this world will spearhead his direction towards peace and harmony. Peace builders and peacemakers are struggling a lot to foster and establish peace. Peace is the key ingredient to happiness and supreme bliss.

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