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Casting Off the Caste System and its Stigma: Empowering the Forgotten Indigenous People of India with Human Rights

Casting Off the Caste System and its Stigma: Empowering the Forgotten Indigenous People of India with Human Rights

Birendra Oraon, Director of Odisha Chapter, Youth For Human Rights and President of Tribal People And Women Welfare Organisation has overcome personal challenges to become a champion for human rights. Despite growing up in poverty, his family now owns multiple houses and agricultural land. Mr. Oraon’s work focuses on combating discrimination, promoting harmony, indigenous rights, and advocating for individuals with disabilities. He has conducted training programs and educated youths in Odisha to fight for human rights. Thousands of people have been reached through his initiatives, including rallies, posters, pamphlets, and booklets. He has also worked with the Dongria Kondha tribe to protect their rights from mining companies and conducted workshops on disaster preparedness, resilience, and human rights. The Youth For Human Rights Odisha Chapter has launched an online petition for the implementation of human rights and sustainable development goals. Mr. Oraon has played a role in decision making and planning for various human rights initiatives, positively impacting 1.5 billion people in India. He has also facilitated the rights of forest dwellers and advocated for welfare schemes benefiting millions of people. In addition, he has been involved in rehabilitation programs for drug addicts, child protection policies, and promoting food security and biodiversity. Through various mediums such as social media, rallies, and campaigns, he has raised awareness about human rights. Overall, his contributions have focused on combating discrimination, promoting harmony, indigenous rights, advocating for people with disabilities, and raising awareness about injustice and inequality. Birendra Oraon is spearheading a movement in India to empower indigenous people and eradicate the stigma of the caste system. Through training programs, Oraon aims to create advocates, defenders, councilors, educators, motivators, organizers, and activists for human rights and sustainable development goals (SDGs). The initial goal was to train 75,000 individuals in Odisha’s 30 districts and 2,700,000 trainers across 28 states and 8 Union Territories. Progress has been made with 5,000 trainers and 317,000 people equipped with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the SDGs. Additionally, Youth for Human Rights Odisha has conducted 286 training seminars and reached 80,000 people via social media campaigns, rallies, and petition drives to promote the SDGs according to the United Nations’ 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Casting Off the Caste System and its Stigma: Empowering the Forgotten Indigenous People of India with Human Rights published in 50 newspaper of United State of America.

Birendra Oraon, a resident of Jeypore, Odisha, overcame discrimination and inequality to become a beacon of hope in his city. Despite being labeled an Untouchable due to the caste system, he found inspiration in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and started educating himself and his community about human rights. Birendra founded Youth for Human Rights Odisha and organized seminars to empower thousands of people with knowledge about human rights. Despite facing challenges like financial constraints, he and his allies raised awareness and advocated for human rights through workshops, protests, and campaigns, resulting in tangible impacts such as job placements and land rights for marginalized communities. Birendra extended his vision beyond India, partnering with organizations like Youth for Human Rights International and using social media to champion human rights globally. His commitment to peace, justice, and tolerance inspired change and instilled hope for a future of equality. Additionally, Birendra focuses on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and advocating for peace through networking, peace campaigns, and community-based activities. Through his organization, he aims to address social injustices and promote peace by advocating for peace reforms and providing peace education to youth. The ultimate goal is to assemble young people worldwide for a unified peace mission, signing a petition titled “PEACE BY DIALOGUE” and engaging stakeholders in peace talks and seminars. Birendra’s work as the head of his organization symbolizes diversity and compassion, advocating for human rights and aiming to eliminate hate speech, violence, and discrimination through peace dialogues. His efforts highlight the transformative power of education in paving the way for a brighter future where all voices are heard and valued.

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