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Assassination of peace

Assassination of peace

they are think that I will not be able to say my message to the world from the bottom of the destruction and wars that have turned our dreams into illusions until we fail in the process of achieving peace in Yemen.
I want to tell the world that wars are worse epidemic than Corona Virus because it kills a person in the most heinous way and with a lethal slowdown so that he remains without life, without hope, without passion
And he becomes a psychopath who always feels depressed and hopeless in his head.
experiencing The feeling of dying every morning, but does not die ..!

I want to tell the world that wars kill the economy and give us poverty.
They give birth to unemployment and crises, they give birth to inflation and famine.
This results in high prices, the collapse of the currency, and the lack of foreign investment, as it is happening in Africa and the Middle East.

I want to tell the world that wars have developed conspiracies that seek to train mankind in evil and savagery
And kill each other.

The world should know that wars are the ambition of demons on earth in order to make man an anarchic and barbaric being who does not deserve to honor the Lord, when Allah commanded all his angels to prostrate to Adam in heaven.

Peace is Allah’s divine message to teach people to love and accept others and to follow the path of reform on earth so that wars and conflicts in the world end.

Peace is Allah’s message to people on earth to fight the corrupt and reject the behavior of Satan who made the first conspiracy in history and expelled Adam from Paradise in order to teach his children the methods of conspiracies, and to make wars to see injustice, darkness, corruption and murder.

Tell the world about my words if I’m not invited to the Dubai World Peace Summit 2022 to tell them.

Al-rassas alawi atef
Peace Ambassador to Yemen.

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