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Fully Funded Delegates for GPS Turkey 2020

Fully Funded Delegates for GPS Turkey 2020

We, at Global Peace Chain, are always very enthusiastic to surpass your expectations and we strive hard to give our best for the same! Global Peace Chain and Peace Ambassadors put in mammoth amounts of hard-work, energy, and sweat to pull off our greatest of goals i.e. to empower youth Change Makers. It is on this auspicious note that we hereby make another surprise announcement!
We have increased the number of fully-funded and partially funded positions for the Global Peace Summit in Turkey 2020! We have increased the number of partially funded seats by 100%.Not only that, but we have also increased our fully funded seats by 15% respectively.
It has been GPC’s motto to go beyond the expectations that are put forth by others and our own selves. This announcement is indicative of the quotient of diversity and inclusiveness that GPC holds dear in its heart of hearts.
We hope that you await your upgradation emails with edge-of-the-seat anticipation, along with all the other amazing things we have in store for you!
Raise your hand if you are in this list.
Keep checking your emails, you will get an email super soon!
Thank you, and have an amazing day!

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